Education based
speech-language pathology

“We fill little chairs with caring professionals.”

A Word From the CEO Jeff Helwig

When I began working with speech language pathologist over 15 years ago, I never thought that I would learn so much about a profession that was not my own. As the vice president of a nationwide bilingual agency, I learned about the unique culture of excellence and caring that defines the profession. Later, as a founder and president of a successful nationwide SLP agency, I was lucky enough to work with some of the best clinicians in the field.

Now, as I reflect back on my career, I believe agencies can do more to give back to the community. As a father of two young children, I have a greater interest in improving the world that future generations will inherit. By partnering with Austin Smiles and other nonprofit organizations, it has given my company the opportunity to provide funding and volunteers to noteworthy causes.

Please check the links page for ways you can donate your time or money to the listed nonprofits. Whether we are your employer or just a source of information, I hope we can offer you an outlet for your generosity.

- Jeff Helwig, CEO


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